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What is a PMS color?

PMS (Pantone Matching System) or spot colors are pre-defined colors that are mixed from a specific published formula. Since PMS ink colors follow standard formulas, you are guaranteed an exact color match on your printed piece. We have PMS swatches available for your use. Note: Full color printing / process printing does not use PMS colors. Consult your Metzgers printing professional for all of your color options.

Can I use a photo from my website for printing?

Web graphics are different than high resolution graphics for printing. Web graphics are designed at a low resolution to allow web pages to load faster. These low resolution images use fewer dots and will not print sharply. Edges will look pixelated or fuzzy. It’s best to use an original scanned photo or supply the original photo with your design file.

I hear the term “bleed” used in commercial printing. What does this mean?

A 'bleed' is a design element where the ink runs to the edge of a page or piece. Bleeds do change the appearance and cost of the final project so consult with your Metzgers professional about the economics of your total project.

What is varnish and when should I use it?

Varnish or aqueous coating is best described as ink without pigment. These coatings can be applied in a gloss, dull or satin finish. Varnish can be used to highlight printed images for effect and to offer some protection from smudging, scuffing and scratching. Note: 

You cannot ink-jet print, glue or foil stamp over varnish, so spot varnishing will leave an uncoated area for these applications.

What kind of paper options do I have to choose from for my printing job?

We have a large variety of paper types available for you to choose from. We can show you samples of paper in different weights, textures, finishes and colors.

What does it mean when I see coated and uncoated papers?

Coated paper has a smooth finish made at the time of paper manufacture, and can be purchased in a variety of finishes, including gloss, satin, dull and matte. Printing on coated paper makes text and graphics appear sharper and is preferred for printing projects that have a lot of detail, photographs or color intensive graphics.