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5 Best Ways to Combine Print and Social Media

5 Best Ways to Combine Print and Social Media


Print and social media go hand in hand. Promoting your business online is great because it doesn’t cost much and helps track customers. However, people still shop at stores and go to companies in the flesh. Here are five ways to combine the top two business marketing methods: print and social media.

1. Post on Facebook

Post regularly to actively reach your audience. It doesn’t have to be much, but it will keep your name at the top of everyone’s mind. For example, try posting an inspirational quote, or try your hand at writing a short article on where your business excels.

2. Don’t forget LinkedIn

Another great social media tool is LinkedIn. This reaches specifically to other business people, and it doesn’t have to be a long post. Still, it’s the perfect way to spotlight your products and services. Let people know what you offer and how you can help them. Use testimonials to let the public know you have helped others succeed.  

3. QR codes are making a comeback

Adding a QR code to your printed materials will combine the two worlds, online and offline. Link it to a coupon or sale just for them when they scan the code. This will take them to a specific site that will inevitably help you track what they are looking for.

4. Create giveaways

Run a promotion using printed materials to engage customers and offer something exciting. Use rack cards or flyers with all your contact information and a call to action. Even though this method uses direct mail and printed items, it proves worthwhile. Research consistently demonstrates that direct mail outperforms other marketing tactics regarding response rate.

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags help you tie everything back to your brand and make it easier for you to track mentions of your campaign, event, product, or business. This enables you to use both the printed word and online in a combined effort.

For example, Indiana University leveraged hashtags as part of a brilliant admission promotion. The simple use of the hashtag #IUsaidYes on bright, bold red envelopes produced a viral social media campaign when students began posting selfies with their acceptance letters.

Whether you prefer online or offline marketing, you need both in advertising.

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