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5 Printing Tips to Boost Brand Awareness

5 Printing Tips to Boost Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is essential for any business. Companies should try to manage their brand through advertisements that reinforce the company’s message and image. Print can be a powerful tool to reinforce your brand’s message. Here are 5 ways to use print to boost brand awareness.

1. Direct mail

Direct mail is highly effective, with about 79% of households saying they read or scan direct-mail ads.

Follow these steps when sending out direct mail:

  • Apply your brand guide. Include your signature color, font, and logo. Having a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.
  • Keep your brand consistent. Customers will learn to associate your business with specific colors and feelings.
  • Include a clear call to action in your direct mail initiative. Provide prospective customers with a next step. 

Direct mail is one of many print avenues to boost brand awareness. 

2. Catalogs

Catalogs are a relaxing way for customers to look at your business’s products or services. 

Catalogs can be compelling if you use the below tactics.

  • Include customized QR codes to drive customers to your website.
  • Include social causes. Find something you’re passionate about that aligns with your business to showcase in your catalog. Not only does it feel good to do good, but 64% of consumers would support a company based on its social or political position. 

Brand awareness is about getting your brand out there in as many formats as possible. 

A business’s brand is the mix of perceptions and emotional connections people tie to the company. 

3. Make your brand memorable

Print is a powerful tool for memory. 

Studies show that the brain can more easily absorb print. In fact, a study found print ads took people 21% less cognitive effort to process the information compared to digital ads. This same study found that people were a little more than 170% more likely to remember information if it was presented through a print ad rather than a digital ad. 

4. Directly address the audience

Print is a great way to provide customers with a more personalized approach. 

Use data and technology to target your print ad campaigns. This personalization can help the audience feel like the communication from your business is more direct. 

5. Provide value to the audience

Modern consumers value informed businesses. 

Add value to the consumer by creating informative content through blogs, brochures, and knowledgeable employees. The consumer will stumble upon your business when researching and trust your input. 

You can also add value by providing your customers with merchandise such as tote bags, stickers, shirts, chapstick, etc. Consumers love free stuff, and you’re giving valuable items to the customer while generating loyalty. 

Print can help boost your brand by getting your business out there in as many formats as possible while remaining memorable, personal, and valuable. Metzgers can help you increase your brand awareness through print.