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Top 4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Customers

Top 4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Customers


Gratitude is a great skill to possess.

And humility is a wonderful attribute, primarily when serving the public. When you meet up with prospective clients, gratitude is vital. We receive a much better welcome when people see how thankful we are to meet with them and to have their continued support. 

Research has proven that returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, and 82% of customers are brand loyal.

So, what else can you do to show appreciation besides saying thank you? Here are some ideas to show your gratitude.

Top 4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Customers

1. Send a Thank-You Card

Send a thank-you note in a letter, or make it more visually appealing with a card.

Either way, be sure it's hand-written and signed by you. Sure, it takes a little time, but keeping current customers happy is worth it—especially the ones you genuinely want to maintain a relationship with.

2. Add a Thank-You Slip to Your Package

Add a thank-you slip inside each order you send out to customers. This could range from the size of a business card to a postcard, and it's an easy way to say thanks!

Add some graphics and branding, or make it even more personal by signing it yourself.  

Then, just slip it into the packaging when you send out an order.

3. Send a Box of Goodies

Send your customers a custom gift box full of promotional goodies. From tasty treats, to logoed water bottles, to apparel... the options are endless. 

You can get even more creative with this option by adding a custom design to the packaging you send your goodies in. 

4. Mail Gift Certificates or Reward Cards

Sending out gift certificates or reward cards to your customers is an effective way of thanking them for their business and encouraging repeat business. 

By rewarding loyal customers with gift certificates, gift cards, or any other form of redeemable funds, you’re thanking them for always choosing your business over the competition.

Personalize the card with their name and your company's branding. 


Whatever you choose to show appreciation will elevate your customer relationship and nurture long-lasting bonds.

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